Virtual assistant for your business from $32/day

Yes, it's a real person that could help you with research, bookkeeping, managing social media, travel planning, lead generation, and other stuff.

Tired doesn't mean rich!

Somebody has to reply to feedback messages, record and structure all the expenses, search for the least expensive air tickets, carry out customer survey, send letters to potential clients. Small companies are short of resources to hire an individual employee for each of the tasks. You need an all-purpose somebody, who could do all that diverse but routine work.
2-3 hours/day is the average your employees spend on primitive tasks which can be delegated.
Leave your 'less important' tasks to less expensive employees.
Check. Check. Check.
Any business is a thousand of everyday tasks. Donetown can help you handle minor things and let your team focus on their current tasks.

Get started with having your assistant manage your schedule, track packages, set up meetings and find information.

Hiring people to do things you suck at is a strength, not a weakness.

Business always lacks manpower. As the company grows, pile of routine work grows too, and there's less and less time to cope with it. Doing simple but routine research, filtering inbox, arranging appointments, managing expenses — all that wastes your time and demotivates the team. Stop doing things you're not good at, double down on what you do best. How? Just hire somebody, okay?

Meet your personal remote assistant

They adapt to your style of work, they use your favorite messenger or Slack, they can reach anyone on the phone, they remind you of an important meeting. They can even start laughing at your jokes.
All of our assistants get tested and then trained for the job. They can use Trello, Wunderlist, Asana, Jira, Slack, Xero, Google Apps and many more.
We can arrange a schedule that will work for you and your timezone. Let us know when you want to have your active hours for communication.
No commitment
We don't use time-bound contracts. You pay as you go on a monthly subscription basis. You can terminate the subscription with the 7-day notice.
Learning to prioritize
"In my case, Donetown has trained not only the assistant I work with. They trained me, too, by showing the shortest and most efficient way to delegate my routine tasks. Kidsation is at the stage of launch so I got loads of routine work but for months hiring somebody to help seemed impossible. I just couldn't afford spending time on interviews and training in-house assistant, and also I didn't know how to safely delegate them all that little things I keep in mind.
Paul Filipenkov
CEO & founder, Kidsation.

The first day I met my assistant I was amazed — it was a real team synergy. I handed the things over to her and finally focused on way more essential tasks. Today, our team work is as easy as 1-2-3. I send some thoughts and ideas via Telegram, then they turn into weekly Trello tasks. Mondays are for cleaning the board and discussing new to-dos. During the week, Trello lets me watch the tasks being done in real time."
Paul Filipenkov
Kidsation is a platform for children's fashion, lifestyle and culture around the world.
Focus on money making and delegate the manual work
Collecting data
  • Sorting CRM data
  • Track and graph purchases or orders from website
  • Collect dossiers for new leads
  • Scout talents and appoint interview
Scheduling and calendaring
  • Correspond with co-workers for regular meetings
  • Remind of important events
  • Arrange service or work appointments
Inbox kung-fu
  • Create filters and rules
  • Reply to non-essential emails
  • Mass respond
  • React to customers inquires
Managing expenses
  • Finding right price and seller for goods and services
  • Create and send invoices
  • Collect and categorize receipts
Social Media
  • Collect data for writing a newsletter or post
  • Schedule Facebook updates
  • Manage conversations and comments on your page
  • Plan campaigns and present the results
Planning trips & events
  • Compare prices and present best options
  • Arrange pick ups
  • Make reservations and bookings

Stop growing pain, just hire somebody

Yes, the price is right.
$32 per working day
  • Works 2 hours a day
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