Top tasks you should delegate to virtual assistant
All entrepreneurs find themselves struggling for time to manage and prioritise all their tasks, and after a while, they realise the need for an extra helping hand to deal with all the mundane and repetitive tasks of their business.

A virtual assistant is a highly diverse and reliable employee who can be delegated with all the mundane and low-priority tasks that you can't make time for. We've compiled a list of the top most tasks that can be delegated to your virtual assistant to make your schedule more flexible and relaxed.
Here, take a look:

  • Administration
Most of the businessmen hire virtual assistants to perform basic administrative roles that are too simple and time consuming, for instance managing emails from the admin and personal accounts to keep you updated.

Tasks like handling contacts, managing contact records, and collecting information for address books is another task that can be delegated to an assistant. Similarly, task that involve a great deal of repetition, such as tracking, receiving and dispatching invoices can also be given to a remote assistant.

A remote assistant can help you manage your travel-related bookings, devising itineraries and other tasks, along with tracking your project operations and deadlines. Scheduling and managing important appointments and organising recipes to manage your expenses tend to be the most hateful of tasks, and they can also be delegated to an assistant.

  • Marketing
Marketing is the second most popular task to delegate to assistant, and this involves all marketing tasks, such as community management, report development, marketing research, social media management and maintenance, internet marketing, search engine marketing, blog management and email marketing.

Hiring a virtual assistant to perform basic marketing services is a highly cost-effective and time-saving method of delegation. You can delegate the assistant to create extensive marketing campaigns, along with conducting all the primary and secondary research.

  • Research
Whether you want some basic online research to begin a project or you want to conduct a challenging competitor analysis for a new product, research tasks can be delegated to a virtual assistant to save both, time and effort. You can delegate the assistant to make presentations, research new ideas, or even prepare research notes for a meeting.
  • Proofreading & Preparation
Hiring a virtual assistant to provide all sorts of proofreading and preparation services will help you clear up your schedule by eliminating all those time-taking presentations, documents, and grammatical checks by proofreading.

  • IT & Design
Forget about hiring employees to take care of basic IT & Design tasks, and instead, starting working with an assistant to delegate all designs for in-house development. You can delegate the assistant to make business logos, illustrations and graphics for social media, website designs, graphic spreadsheets, e-book covers and lots more. Most virtual assistants can even provide video creation services for your video-based channels, such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Needless to say, hiring a virtual assistant is the smartest way to delegate all the low-priority tasks, as opposed to hiring and paying individual employees for all the above mentioned tasks.
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